Philips Arena

In fall of 2017 I was approached by Pirate Labs (then Longstreet solutions) to contribute as a UI designer for a bid to design the Philips Arena transformation website. A new renovation called for a revamped website that reflected the vision of that project.The key challenges were in creating a horizontally-scrolling home page (to simulate the 360 views of standing on center court), staying true to brand, and designing a UI that is exciting and engaging.

Current Website:


Current Website

The reality of Design is that things will change in the implementation of the solution. Thankfully the development team lead by Pirate Labs was able to stay true to the original design and create a fully functional product. 

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Sketching is at the heart of all design. Wireframing and notations allow for quick realization of solutions to explore.




Story Format

_Page_Latest update.png

Slider Design

_Page Entertainment.png

Alternate Story Format



Designing for a side scrolling desktop website brings with it a few format-specific challenges.The hand-off process between UX/UI designer and Developer can be a difficult process. The solution is in keeping and creating detailed notations of functionality. 

UI Process-12.jpg
UI Process-11.jpg