Jose R. Gil

Creative Thinker  |  Designer

Born and raised in Atlanta Ga, I come from a background of artists and creative people. This has had a profound influence on my vision as a designer. I've have been active in the design business for roughly 7 years working in print, digital, marketing, advertising and branding. Having worked with small to large sized clients has given me great insight into the functionality and real-world applications of graphic design. I have no doubt that a business that has given willful thought to design has a sharp competitive advantage in its industry.

My approach to design is rooted in the belief that the visual world we surround ourselves in has a powerful effect on our perceptions, actions, and ideology. Design can shift motives, transform perceptions or facilitate social change. Good design is rooted in process. Only once you take into account the smallest details and the largest over arching ideas can you come to a solution that is complete and whole.



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